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Planning ahead is a wonderful way to help your loved ones celebrate your life at the time of your death without worry and confusion. J.M. White Funeral Home offers several possibilities for you to assure all the details of your service are just as you desire. We can meet with you at your convenience by appointment, or on a walk-in basis to discuss pre arrangements, pre payment and pre need options.

There are numerous advantages to addressing the issues surrounding funeral plans while our clients are able to make those decisions for their self. Pre planning allows the person making the arrangements to share their desires and preferences with family and funeral home staff to assure that the service is just as the deceased wants. This alleviates the need for saddened survivors to make difficult decisions at the time of death. It also decreases the chance for ill will among family members who may disagree about these decisions. Paying in advance for the services that are pre arranged allows for the majority of the funeral bill to be satisfied before services are rendered.

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